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WPSQT Plugin Help - Plugin Not Sending Emails WordPress


I'm using this plugin:

The plugin is supposed to send out emails whenever a quiz is completed. For some reason, it stopped doing so when I upgraded to 2.6.3. Other emails, such at the one from the contact form, still work fine.

I know there is a new version (2.6.4) however every time we update the plugin we have to re-create the quizzes because the plugin is buggy. Plus, the change log of the new version doesn't indicate that it changes anything having to do with email.

I've already tried deactivating and reactivating the plugin.


Thanks in advance.

Answers (4)


rizaljohn answers:

Hi Matt,

I can take a look and help you with this. Just send me the access in your site.

Matt comments:

Doesn't look like FTP access is going to happen. Do you have any other ideas?


Jonathan van Clute answers:

You might need to have a look at this...

Not quite the same action, but the problem is the same - no emails being sent by WP.


Re Been answers:

Hey! If you are using mail of domain, you could follow these step:

After installing plugin contact, download and install plugin WP Mail SMTP. Link download below:

Next, activate it and complete WP Mail SMTP setting, enter your email, save your setting!

Good luck!

Matt comments:

Hey thanks for the help. Unfortunately, that didn't work. The test emails come through just fine but nothing is being generated from the test plugin.

Any other ideas?


Jurre Hanema answers:

Do you still need help with this? If so, I'd be glad to take a look if you could send me the credentials (wp-admin and preferably FTP) to the site.

Matt comments:

I do still need help. I'm working on getting FTP access since rizaljohn asked for it to. The site is on a shared hosting account, but I'll try to get access when I get off work around 8pm EST.

Thanks for the help

Matt comments:

Doesn't look like FTP access is going to happen. Do you have any other ideas?