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WPML subdomain in OVH WordPress



I'd like to have my website translation in subdomain:

I'm using a shared hosting on OVH (+ a Virtual Private Server for a dedicated configuration tool).

My WP install is on the shared hosting and it seems I can't configure this website as subdomain...
Not sure I can use Apache as they suggest for shared hosting so I'm a bit stuck.

Any solution without moving my whole WP installation to the VPS?
Many thanks,

Answers (2)


Remy answers:

Did you try to add a wildcard subdomain on the admin panel config of OVH ?

This seems to work even a shared hosting :

The post is about multisite, but it's the same for WPML

Jonathan Surinx comments:

Yes I tried the wildcard subdomain but WPML doesn't ask any change on the .htaccess (while Multisite does...).
So I'm guessing that's it's not the same configuration for both :(

Remy comments:

Looking at your website, the subdomains seems to at least point where they need to, since I see some changes in the title and content of the page, going from french to english or nl

Maybe I can assist you further if you need, feel free to pm me

Jonathan Surinx comments:

Hi Remy,
Many thanks for your comment, I probably would have noticed only later, but it's worked in fact! I was just supposed to wait 2 hours for propagation.

So for other:
I had no need to do the step (2) Set up the web server) on:

Just making subdomain worked (but I touched a few other things so maybe I'm forgetting something now).
In all cases it works :)
Many thanks for your help!!

Remy comments:

Yeah dns propagation can take some time depending on the provider. Glad it works like you wanted. Don't forget to vote ;)


Romel Apuya answers:


Try this plugin [[LINK href=""]]qTranslate[[/LINK]]

this has the feature
Choose one of 3 Modes to make your URLs pretty and SEO-friendly. - The everywhere compatible ?lang=en, simple and beautiful /en/foo/ or nice and neat</em></strong>


Jonathan Surinx comments:

WPML has the same function and as I already used them I'd like to avoid learning all about another plugin ;)