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WPML and user access to a specific language WordPress


How I'd go about giving access to a specific user only to their language?
For example the German user should be able to manage only German pages/posts. (I use WPML for translation)

I already have created a specific role using Capabilities manager plugin. I considered role scoper plugin but it has some limitation with WPML and is too much to handle.

My idea was to hide the unwanted language links for the specified user.

I already have the code in the functions.php
echo 'de';

and in frontend I can make use of it:


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icanlocalize answers:

This is what WPML's Translation Management module is for. You can add translators per languages and send jobs specifically to them.

This way, you control not only the language, but the specific content that your translators will be working on.

Read about it, or watch the video, here:

Lucian Florian comments:

thanks for reaching out.

I cannot figure out if I should purchase that module or not and from where.

Lucian Florian comments:

Actually I think I got it figure out. I need to purchase the commercial version first.