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Visual Editor no longer working WordPress


The issue I'm having with a wordpress website is that the Visual Editor no longer works. The text editor works fine and I have a feeling its javascript related and its related to my theme.

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Rempty answers:

Need logins to your wp-admin to test.
You can share it via private message

Rempty comments:

Sent you a private message,

jasonamos comments:

You fixed it. Great find.


Shoeb mirza answers:

1) Please check wp-includes/js/tinymce folder is set to 777. If it still doesn't work THEN
2) define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false ); <--- add this line in wp-config.php file


Andrea P answers:

Hello Jason,

wordpress 4.5 and following versions have introduced updated versions of the packaged js/jquery libraries.
therefore a lot of themes and plugins had issues and their author have been forced to relase patch to fix the bugs.

for all the sites where I had issues (and for nearly everyone else who I have read about having this kind of problem), the solution has been to update all themes and plugins.

if your theme is not abandoned, it surely have an updated version already available.

in any case you could buy an updated version of Visual Composer and install that rather than using the packaged one (you'll have to remove the packaged VC folder within the theme).