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Very Slow Site WordPress


Hi Guys

I have a client site which is extremely slow and I cannot work out why, it is hosted at Go Daddy and I have been commisioned to add Wishlist member to it to create a members area.

I have tried deactivating all the plug ins but the site still seems ridiculously slow.

are there other things I could be checking?

A couple of other points too....

when I tried to remove the title tag in on the home.php the title remained on the home pge but disapeared on the blog page which leads me to beilve there may be an issue withe the templates being mixed up.

I also have an issue with the Wishlist member process, you can chose a "page after log in" in the Wishlist settings, so i chose the "members-area" page but it keeps defaulting to the home page - related or not do you think?

Can anyone help?


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Rashad Aliyev answers:

May I help you? Please contact with me..

Rashad Aliyev comments:

Mission completed..


Oleg Butuzov answers:

profile it.
put this code to the footer.php

<!-- <?php echo get_num_queries(); ?> queries. <?php timer_stop(1); ?> seconds. -->

you will know how slow website.

define('SAVEQUERIES', true);to the wp-config.php to get sql queries list. ($wpdb object)

also halpfull wbesite about websites optimization

Oleg Butuzov comments:

slow websites can be optimized in diferent ways...

makeing file cache ( you can use WP Super Cache plugin for that), optimizing css and js (, making better for SQL my mysql, changing engines types, etc...

optimization is a process that never ends.

Oleg Butuzov comments:


yrweb answers:

Hi Steve,
have you any "cache" plugin, or system cache (APC, MMcache) on this blog/host?


Lew Ayotte answers:

I prefer W3 Total Cache plugin over WP Super Cache... I think is much more intuitive.

It may be slow because it's on GoDaddy, I've dealt with clients who wanted to host their sites on GoDaddy and they've been slow out of the box.

Also, if you use Firefox, try the [[LINK href=""]]YSlow![[/LINK]] firefox add-on. It will give you some ideas as to what can be optimized to help speed things up.


Lew Ayotte comments:

Regarding your second questions...

"home.php" is the template paged used for blog posts, which is why it only affected your blog posts.

You'll probably need to remove it from "index.php" and possibly "page.php" as well. Check out this diagram: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]