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Using different domains for WP subdirectory installs WordPress

I use one hosting account through GoDaddy for many projects. I use subdirectory installs of wordpress for these projects. I can assign these projects' domains to the subdirectory, but when I click on another page in the site, the URL shows my main hosting package followed by the subdirectory. How do I show my project's proper domain throughout?

For example:

Main hosting domain is:

A given project's WP subdirector is:

ProjectA's final domain is

How do I show instead of

Answers (2)


Maor Barazany answers:

You can use [[LINK href=""]]this solution[[/LINK]].


phppoet answers:

This is a problem related to your .htaccess file . You can solve this problem in two ways .

one is by changing configuration in .htaccess file and other is by changing your permalink structure .

choose any other permalink structure then and other structure will work