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Using WooCommerce REST API to Send to a Print on Demand API WordPress

I am using WooCommerce and require to send orders to a Print on Demand (POD) service.

I need to link WooCommerce's API to the Print on Demand API.

The site will be selling items that are either In Stock or Print on Demand.
Print on Demand service is called OneFlow:

Not all products are to be sent to the Printers, I have created a Custom Field for each product.
cf_print_on_demand: yes or no

So only send Print on Demand Products to the OneFlow.
Normal products will be sent by the Store Manager.

After sent Orders change status to 'Printing'.
I have the printers Oneflow SDK files.

Then OneFlow will send a PostBack to WooCommerce once the Print has be fulfilled.

Currently the build is online but not using the final URL.
SSL not installed at the moment.

Really need this done this week.

Let us know what cost and will add to the POT.

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