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User Searchable Database Plug in WordPress


Hi Guys

I need to build a site for a property estate agency and they want a searchable database of all the properties they have. And want to be able to add the details themselves.

Something like on this site

Does anyone have any good advice for me on this

Many thanks

Answers (3)


Victor Teixeira answers:

Some possibilities:

There are also some themes available for real estate agencies.


John Cotton answers:

It's certainly worth having a look at some of the plug-ins available, but ultimately you'll get a better website and have greater control of it if you build it yourself.

WordPress makes that very easy and I can easily imagine some custom post types for properties together with some custom taxonomies for style, size, features etc.

As far as look and feel goes, there are several very good US-based themes for property websites but a good designer will give you something unique for you and - again - avoid the compromises that come from using someone else's design.

Ultimately, it comes down to budget and time. But if you've prepared to spend around £4K-£5K then a completely custom WordPress site is within grasp. You could do it for less, it just depends on what you want from it.



Gabriel Reguly answers:


I have just built a similar site, with a custom plugin based on wp-property.

Next month the plugin will be available for download at

Please send me a direct message if you want more information.

Gabriel Reguly