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Update post meta via link (a la Craiglist?) WordPress

Hello all,

I have a lost and found board built for a local animal services department (thanks to some previous wp questions assistance), where public users can file reports which then get posted immediately to the website.

Something they'd like to accomplish is to have the original poster be able to mark an animal as 'reunited', both for their own records and so that relocated pets are no longer listed as active on the lost/found listings.

So my question is this: rather than having users need accounts (the only other way I could think of doing this), it is possible to update post meta via link? Similar to how Craigslist has edit and delete links which only get sent to the users email following submission.

Some background:

- The frontend user form is handled by Formidable (pro). They currently receive an email notification with a copy of their submission after posting, and formidable does make it pretty easy to pull in the post ID.
- Posts are dumped to a post type called animals. Within that there is a taxonomy of status, containing 'found' and 'missing'.

Marking them re-united could happen one of two ways -- either through an additional status taxonomy term OR via an additional meta field (Reunited: True/False created in ACF). I'm open to either.

This may very well not even be possible.

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Andrea P answers:

Hi there!

If I understood correctly, the user who clicks the link from their email, is also the author of the pet-post. is this correct?

and you said you can easily set up the confirmation email to contain a link passing the post ID. will this be a link like below?


can you also add other information to that link?


I'd go for a taxonomy "status" term "reunited", so you could eventually list them easily in a separate category archive. ;)

which is the actual slug for this taxonomy?
and which is the slug of the pet post type?

Andrew Clemente comments:

These are some of the available helpers formidable offers which I could insert into email responses (image attached).

The user who clicks the link in the email would be the author of the post (since they're receiving the email), but its important to not that they are a public unregistered user in the eyes of wordpress (all posts made through this frontend form as routed to another generic 'user' profile I have created in the backend, so they all are attributed to the same author).

And yes -- I do think the taxonomy term approach for reunited is the better of the two options :)