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Unable to get Google maps working in Geo Mashup WordPress



I am using Geo Mashup Wordpress Plugin and I can't get Google maps to work, it fails to load both in the admin area and on the page. When I select 'Open Layers' it works and everything is fine.

I have got an API key from Google and entered that. The plugin also asks for a 'Google Server Key' as you can see in the image. I can not find this key anywhere on the 'net.

I am not looking for too much, just a link to where I can find this key.

Thank you.

Answers (3)


Reigel Gallarde answers:

have you tried with default theme and only this plugin running? let's try to isolate things here.
also check if there are errors on the browser's console.

Let me know.


Hiro Hito answers:

You need to enable the 'Google Maps JavaScript API' from the API manager to make it work.

1. Go to
2. Under “Google Maps API’s”, click “Google Maps JavaScript API"
3. Click "Enable"

and you dont need the "Google server key"

Brian McWeed comments:


Sorry my friend I already have that option enabled.

Image attached is of my enabled APIs.


Francisco Javier Carazo Gil answers:

Have you read this post from Yoast?

It talks about both, server and client key.