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Unable to add comments to any post except 1 custom category WordPress


We are about 2 days away from launching our site and i just discovered that you are not able to add comments to any posts aside from the one custom post type that we have. I spoke with the theme designer and he said its not an issue with his theme, i have disabled all plugins in hopes that that would solve my problem but it has not.

If i switch the theme to Twenty-Eleven and go to a post it tells me that comments are closed.

I have verified that the Add Comments box is checked on the posts im testing.

Im hoping one of you gentlemen will be able to tell me what i have set wrong to not allow people to comment on anything except reviews.

Answers (2)


Kannan C answers:

Did you checked <strong>Settings -> Discussion</strong> page
1.Allow people to post comments on new articles -should be set
2. Automatically close comments on articles older than - set more number of days

hermy65 comments:

welp...i feel dumb. I had verified that #1 was checked but missed #2. You sir win the moneys


Romel Apuya answers:

hi hermy65,

can you find this code

<?php comments_template(); ?>

on the post.php or the template file that's rendering your posts?

hermy65 comments:

i do see that in my page.php file