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UberMenu Customization with Smasher Theme WordPress


hi there,

I am using ubermenu and it is not displaying as I want it. I'm sure it's a small fix, tried a few things but can't get it to work.

My website is [[LINK href=""]]here[[/LINK]] (test site), I want the following:

1. Align menu height (top and bottom) with the header bar, like this [[LINK href=""]]Smasher Demo[[/LINK]]. I tried the min-height attribute, but that solved the problem partially. When I set the min-height to 81px (the height of the header), the overall height was 106 px, I'm sure there's padding here and there, but I'm not a CSS expert, I'm a total newbie :(

2. If you look at the "services" menu, it's displaying on two rows, how can I make it display all three elements on one row? If it's longer than the original menu length, I think we have two options: a. allow it to go the full page length. Or b. make the area responsive, as in, divide the columns equally within that specific space (e.g. if I have three columns as menu items, make each 33%, if I have 4, make each 25%. Let me know what is the better solution.

3. As a "nice to have" request, how can I replicate the menu look from the demo into the ubermenu plugin. I'm referring to first level menu elements, I'm happy using one of the available presets (silver tabs) for submenus.

If you are familiar with ubermenu and can do the job, but want to alter the prize money, let me know, i'm reasonably flexible :)


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