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Twitter Plugin that only shows users tweets WordPress


I need to find a twitter widget that just shows the outgoing twitter feed of a user, so no replies will be displayed.


Answers (2)


AdamGold answers:

AdamGold comments:

You will have an option named "Hide replies" when you set up the widget.

Good luck :)

Ryan Pierce comments:

Yeah.. that is first one tried.. That widget is really long. I am trying to find something that is not so tall, that kinda looks more like a box.

Thanks Adam!

AdamGold comments:

AdamGold comments:

Have you tried Wickett? I think it is the most popular twitter widget out there, hope it will do what you want :)


Liesl Fawcett answers:

Hi Ryan. Here's another one for you:
There's an option called "Hide Replies" in the widget.
Another one I recommend is: