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Transparent PNG in IE - Arras Theme using Timthumb Slideshow WordPress



Answers (5)


Buzu B answers:

Hi. IE has always had problems with tranparent png images. There are many solutions to this,
start here:

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Buzu B comments:

Do you really need to resize the images on the fly? Otherwise a simple function that resizes images would suffice. I have one I created a few weeks ago for a script I was doing, If you want to use it PM me your email address and I'll send it to you. Have you tried the suggestion offered by some of the guys here? did it work?

I hope it did, I really do, but if it didn't I want to help you.

Carrie Zanger comments:

Actually, I don't need the images re-sized at all. They are all designed the same height and width. The only reason I'm using it, is because it came with the theme and I want the slideshow function. I might just need to re-design the images so there is no transparency afterall. :( Thanks for your help.

Buzu B comments:

Good suggestion by Dan Fraticius, it's always good to stay updated. I hope that works, but in case it doesn't and you need a hand to help you modify the images, let me know.


Maxime answers:

There are many tricks. You can substitude PNG to GIF with binary transparency, JavaScript tricks, filter (AlphaImageLoader), etc.

Check out :

My favorite and best so far : DD_BelatedPNG Fix (JavaScript library) :

For example, upload DD_belatedPNG.js to your theme's directory. Then, in your header.php file :

<!--[if IE]>
<script src="ROUT/TO/YOUR/DIRECTORY/DD_belatedPNG.js"></script>

It should fix your featured slideshow :)

Carrie Zanger comments:

Thanks for your thoughtful response. I will try it out... I updated my question above as it has to do with the Script I'm using more than anything else. But I will give this a shot.

Maxime comments:

From the TimThumb forum : " the latest version of timthumb and replace your existing file, this resolves the transparency issues for me!".

So you can try to test with the last version of TimThumb :

Carrie Zanger comments:

Tried this, but doesn't fix the issue! : (


Dan Davies answers:

Personally I'm quite fond of Unit PNG fix.

Dan Davies comments:

Try replacing your timthumb code with this code -

It may fix the issue.

Carrie Zanger comments:

Thanks for the suggestion. Tried this, but it didn't work.


Milan Petrovic answers:

Actually there is no solution for this if you are using Timthumb. Timthumb desn't support transparency regardless of the PHP GD module settings. Timthumb is very old and is not developed for quite some time, so there are many transparency issues and they are not likely to get fixed any time soon. If you are resizing images in the slider using Timthumb, simply there is no solution, because Timthumb generates invalid transparency that is not working with IE browsers. Proper transparend images work just fine with IE7/8, but Timthumbs is no creating them properly.

Because of that, and the fact that this is overall bad script that is not very good solution for WordPress (that's my opinion of it), I have developed different method for resizing images that uses native WordPress functions, and this is built inside my xScape Theme Framework.

Milan Petrovic comments:

Yes, I can confirm that Timthumb is problem. Read my previous comment. I tested resizing with it, and transparency is broken. Timthumb is very, very complicated and not completed script that is not maintained for more than a year and you will not likely to find solution for this, apart from rewriting parts for the Timthumb so that resizing is done properly.

Carrie Zanger comments:

This is kind of what I thought! Thanks for your suggestions.


Dan Fraticiu answers:

I had a look over the Arras Theme and it looks like the slider now uses the built in Wordpress thumbanil system now, if it is activated and falls back to timthumb it is not available.

Try downloading the latest version of the theme and see how that works. I see you made a lot of modification so your miht want to replace just the slider image generating function. You find it in <strong>library / template.php</strong> function <strong>arras_get_thumbnail</strong> (around line 123).

Carrie Zanger comments:

Thanks for the suggestion... I may try this and see what happens.