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Transferring site to new server WordPress


Hi! I need some help transferring a wordpress site from one server to another. I would like someone to do it for me as apposed to providing instructions as I've had two unsuccessful attempts on my own.

The site will need to be moved from this location:

To this location:

I'll provide all necessary server and password information over email.

I'm throwing out an initial number, but I'm open to whatever you think is fair.

Thanks so much!


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Merne Asplund answers:

This should not be a redirect. This takes about 30 minutes to migrate the site. The following have to happen:

--DB dump and import, change of a few values within the necessary tables.

--Migrating site files and updating the config file.

--Testing permissions and permalinks.

This process takes about 30 minutes, but the site only has to be down for about 5 minutes.

I charge 50/hour for freelance work, so I could do it for $25.


Roberto Mas answers:

Sure i will do this for you. I need ftp and mysql information in ordor to do this. Please email me the data here [email protected]


Rashad Aliyev answers:


I`m available and I can make it for you.

email: [email protected] skype: teknodizayn

best regards


Dan | gteh answers:

I can do that for you. $30 is fair. Would need FTP access to both the new and old server, database access to both and I can have it done for you today.

Tracy Rocca comments:


I'm sure this sounds naive, but what do I need to find the database information? The server I'm moving to is a Yahoo Domain and the server I am moving from is one that I've been given ftp space on to do the temporary site. Do I need to contact the person who owns that domain for database access?



Dan | gteh comments:


You would likely need to contact the person to get FTP and database access so I can retrieve the files and mysql.

Then the same info is needed for your Yahoo server so I can load everything on there.


juan manuel incaurgarat answers:

to do it i need FTP access and Mysql data as well to back up your database :)
find me at [email protected]

BTW, ill do it for $25



Maor Barazany answers:

Do you have all passwords to cPanel, FTP, phpMyAdmin for both servers?
Needed to create the domain on the new server (supposing you already pointed the domain to the appropriate DNS), then export the DB and import it to the new location after doing some changes in it. Also, of course, to move all site's files between the servers.

I've done this a lot of times with customers' sites.

If no un-expected obstacles in the way will occur, I could do it and explain you the process in an hour +- for 50$.


Maor Barazany comments:

If you're interested in this job done without apposed providing instructions, I can do that also for 30$.

If you're interested, mail me to [email protected]


Eugen Paun answers:

30$ is a fair amount for this kind of job. I guess you need 301 redirects also as not to loose external links.


idt answers:

Hi Tracy,

These are the things you would need to provide to whoever will be working on this project:

1. Cpanel(or any domain hosting control panel) account
2. FTP access
3. MySQL access
4. Wordpress admin access

1. Where is it hosted(server)?
2. Cpanel(or any domain hosting control panel) account
3. FTP access
4. MySQL access

I'm willing to do the job for $30. Please email the details to [email protected] if you want me to do it.