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Transfering an existing website domain to a new one WordPress

I need some help.
I already have an existing website that was professionaly done years ago (got ripped off) and then the guy abandoned ship and now it's useless.
I've started working on a wordpress template but don't know how to delete the old website and link the domain to this new wordpress website.
I don't think I have any of the info such as domain registration etc for the address but can maybe find it.
What do i need and how do i do this?

Answers (2)


Charles Klycinski answers:

If i understand correct. You wanna move Your old website to wordpress site ?

If that is correct You just need ftp data to load wordpress and some developer to make You a themplate.

If You have new hosting and You wanna redirect Your domain to a new host You will need access to a domain setup and change A record to point on Your new hosting.

afrouzd comments:

Thanks for your response. Yes I have new hosting and want to redirect my domain to this new hosting. I have the domain registered under the new hosting and also have the wordpress account set up with the domain name under settings but am not sure how to 'access domain setup and change a record to point on your new hosting' - ? Could you elaborate?
Thank you!

Charles Klycinski comments:

I send You a PM


Hai Bui answers:

You can find detailed instructions [[LINK href=""]]here[[/LINK]].