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Themeforest Theme - Sahifa, Minor Customization WordPress

I purchased a template on Themeforest. (Sahifa - news template)

If you look at their preview, you can see that they have a Tabbed Box at the bottom of the home page, which pulls content from 3 different categories such as Sports, Technology & World.

There are 2 issues with this, which I would like to get fixed somehow.

1. The theme only supports ONE tabbed box to be on the home page.
2. Tabbed box will appear only at the end of all other elements of the website.

I would like to have multiple tabbed boxes which can be re-arranged within the homepage builder of the admin panel of the template. (Please see the attached image for the Homepage Builder Screen)

Would like to get this feature added to the existing admin panel, so that I can re-arrange the tabbed boxes down the line..


Answers (2)


WisdmLabs answers:

Hi Narayanan,

Basically, the similar tabbed box(shown in preview) needs to be replicated multiple times(as multiple boxes are required). However, the content in each tab would be different(currently the available tab have categories at content) right?

If the template already provides a feature to re-arrange elements that are in 'Home Builder' section, we can use same for the newly created tabbed boxes.

No. of options for tabbed boxes(say 'tab1', 'tab2' and so on) will be required to add in the 'Home Builder'(similar to 'News Box', 'Scrolling Box' etc.) section.

If you want all this to be done by us from coding and design perspective, you should send your template or access credentials of your site via PM. Your requirement does not seem a small one and hence it can not be done under $10.

Narayanan Narayanan comments:

Hi Wisdom Labs

The developer of this theme has not enabled the feature to add category box to the "home builder" section or even multiple category boxes for that matter.

Right now, its an independent module which can be turned on or off. if its turned "on" it will only appear at the end of all other modules which are already added to the Home Builder.

I am sure this feature will get added soon within the next few updates as there are quite a few people who have required this feature. I just need it faster than his release as I am launching the site soon.

eitherway, what do you think this involves, $ wise. PM me !

I don't have a big budget, thats why I bought the template from Themeforest rather than hiring a developer to custom code on Freelancer / odesk ! :(

WisdmLabs comments:


We can only analyze the effort if we have the template. Could you please PM us the download link?

We will let you know what could be an appropriate remuneration, however, this platform is geared towards providing community help and hence ultimately if we work on it, we will just suggest and leave the actual payment to your good judgement.


dantnan answers:

dantnan comments:

Hello, I'm using the same theme.

To put where ever you want you have to make this with manually adding <div id="cats-tabs-box" class="cat-box-content clear cat-box"> where ever you want. you can check the html codes to find where is it by pressing f12 in chrome.

Try to dublicate the and change the category options by manually to make another category in same page.

Narayanan Narayanan comments:

Hello Dantnan.

I don't find the code you mentioned.

is it possible for you to help out in fixing this problem ?