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Theme repair. Possible Custom Widgets needed. WordPress

I have a client that I do the online marketing, search engine optimization and so on for. They got a new design done for their website by a company that really had no clue how to do a wordpress theme. It didnt go well. So here we are.

Here is the description of the problem:

We now have a wordpress theme delivered from the company we were working with. It needs a little cleanup. It just isnt as usable as they want it to be. As an example, there is a LOT of display code in widgets, as in tons of tab indented code pasted into many widgets, making it very hard for them to edit or change things. If you look at the home page, almost all of the code that makes up that page seems to be in widgets.

I was hoping to find a wordpress guru to actually clean this mess up. They like the look of the theme, we just need it to be a little more editable.

The test install of the website is here:

In the end they just need a little cleanup work. Taking all of that display code, or at least enough of it, out of the widget areas. Possibly with custom widgets. And the ability to have different sidebars/widgets on the sub pages.

Can anyone around here help us ASAP? The deadline for this was 2 weeks ago, so I am up against the wall.

Update: I didnt know how to use the site when I added this, looks like I have said the job will pay $1, that is not the case. I would like to talk to someone and have them review the job in question, including logging into the wp-admin, and then to give me a quote.

Answers (3)


Charles Klycinski answers:

I wil be happy to help You with Your theme. Im sending You a PM right now.

greggh comments:

Doesnt look like Charles is going to be able to help on this one. So anyone else that can will be very appreciated.


Lawrence Krubner answers:

I am the owner of this site and I want to repeat that I agree with this reasoning:

<blockquote>I didnt know how to use the site when I added this, looks like I have said the job will pay $1, that is not the case. </blockquote>

I have written about this before:

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

It is best to post big jobs for $1, and then negotiate the price. I have no problem with folks using this site as a jobs board.

In the past, we had some cases where some clients offered $50 for a job, worked out a deal privately with one of the experts, paid them privately, and then asked the $50 to be refunded. I prefer it if big jobs are simply posted for $1, with the understanding that $1 (plus listing fee) is what we charge for the posting of a jobs ad, and the real price for the work is to be negotiated between the client and the expert.

greggh comments:

Thanks for that. I just wanted to make sure I wasnt abusing the system. Glad to see I accidentally did it right :)


Linda answers:

PM sent.

-Linda :)