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Theme install causes error messge WordPress


what causes this guys?

Answers (8)


Rashad Aliyev answers:

Hi Mr. Steve,

Change your FTP Chmod. You don't have access to write.

Make it 775 and try again.

best regards,

Rashad Aliyev comments:

PS: Not 777 That'll risky for your security of site. Just only 775 will enough ;)


Lee Rickler answers:

As Rashad said - Read the error message - what does it say?
Make sure all upload folders are writeable.


dr_killpatient answers:

Hello Steve

1) Make folder called <strong>uploads</strong> in /wp-content/ if it's missing
2) Chmod 777 <strong>uploads</strong> folder recursive using your favotite ftp-client
3) Try again

Regards Roman


enodekciw answers:

Login to FTP.
Create (if it does not exist already) /wp-content/<strong>uploads</strong>
Chmod 777 uploads folder with recursion into sub-folders.


Ehthisham tk answers:

This will solve your problem
change the "Store uploads in this folder" setting (in Settings->Miscellaneous) from "/wp-content/uploads" to "<strong>wp-content/uploads</strong>".

note :remove the slash from the begining
you don't need to change permission settings,
if nothing works read this


Mykyta Savchenko answers:

Chmod your <strong>upload</strong> folder to 755

# Open up your FTP program and connect to your website.

# Find the file or folder that you need to CHMOD(wp-content/uploads), and right click it (apple-click if you have a Mac)

# Look for an option called "Get Info" or "More Info" or "CHMOD". The wording will vary by programs. You may have to try a couple different options if you aren't sure.

# If you are in the right area, a window with permissions will come up. This usually consists of several check boxes, 3 labeled "Read", 3 labeled "Write" and 3 labeled "Execute". From here you can check and uncheck the boxes for the User, Group and World, thus changing the CHMOD. Often for your convince there is a text input box were you can just type in the CHMOD "755", and the correct boxes will check.

# Search for tick "apply for all subfolders".

If nothing will help you try to chmod all subfolders in uploads folder or create folder "2010/08" manualy.


powerflash answers:

You check in order these:

1) directory /uploads exists?
2) directory /uploads is 777 permission from ftp?
3) directory /uploads/2010 exists?
4) directory /uploads/2010 is 777 permission from ftp?
6) directory /uploads/2010/08 exists?
6) directory /uploads/2010/08 is 777 permission from ftp?


West Coast Design Co. answers:


Although this is not a fix, I highly recommend upload via FTP.

Checkout Fire FTP: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]] for <strong>Firefox</strong>.