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The future of WordPress

While the future of seems uncertain and some users are unable to withdraw their hard earned prizes, like here:

I feel uncomfortable using the site anymore.

I want to show my support to @Christianto (I don't know him personally)
and stop working on answers on this site until this has been fixed.

It's been great here, I really love the site and the idea behind it. I've also learned a lot from my fellow developers.

All the best and hopefully I will see you here back soon, when the problems have been fixed,


Answers (4)


Nirmal answers:

There should be some auto withdraw concept here when reaches to certain limit. Anyway... All the best Dbranes.


Clifford P answers:

Dbranes is THE man!


Romel Apuya answers:

if anyone wants to build a new wpquestions im willing to help or be part of it..


Christianto answers:

Thank you so much DBranes for open a question to questioning wpquestions!
I agree, it will be very uncomfortable for user here especially for other expert if they have withdraw problem, knowing that no one could help to solved it!

I wonder why Arnav Joy refund challenge could get passed so easily
I'm quite sure that it need an admin to decided if it get refund or partial refund so actually this site not really abandoned or maybe wpquestions admin decided that any refund challenge won't work anymore - that could be a problem.

But I don't know why Lawrence decided ignore fixing any bugs related to this site.

I really appreciate your support about this, I don't know how to return all this DBranes.