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Tanzaku theme - How to use Shadowbox directly from the front page WordPress


I am trying to use Shadowbox directly from the front page of the Tanzaku theme for wordpress.

What I would like to do is be able to click on one of the images in the grid on the front page so that shaddow box opens and shows the image gallery in that post? Currently when you click the image it opens the post to a new page.

This was mentioned in another post on the wordpress forum here -

It looks like he solved the problem, but Im having trouble understanding what he did exactly + my coding is not that skilled! = )

If anyone can make sence of this for me I would really appreciate it!

this is the link to my blog -



Answers (1)


B L answers:

So after changing line 22 of functions.php, did you then find the line that reads:
$grid_img = '<a href="'. get_permalink() .'" title="' . $title_attr . '">' . $grid_img . '</a>';
and replace it with
$grid_img = '<a href="'. $captured_url .'" title="' . $title_attr . '">' . $grid_img . '</a>';
Can you drop your functions.php file in here so we can take a look at it? cheers.

davidsidhom comments:

yeah i tried but it seems to just reload the page now when i click the image

davidsidhom comments:

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

davidsidhom comments:

sorry - link attached to functions.php

davidsidhom comments:

I have found the fix for this. its really simple just change the grid image link setting to false. see below.

// [grid image link setting]
$flg_img_forcelink = false;

its also mention on the themes website (translated from japanise):

davidsidhom comments:

Still have not fully solved this as it just shows the images on the front page, and not in images in that post!

any help still appriciated!