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Table Formatting WordPress


We are using tables to lay out the text but on certain pages the sentences are running together.

For example:

Believes the U.S. needs healthcare reform.Does not support the current bill.Believes in allowing small businesses and associations to ability to purchase insurance as a group to reduce costs.

Answers (4)


Mike Truese answers:

You've got a span around each sentence - odd. That's not quality CSS.

There are no spaces between the sentences. Even more odd.

Just wondering.

And the site is barely useable (really broken) in Firefox 3.6. FYI.

zachitn comments:

You are a fucking idiot.


Pippin Williamson answers:

Just add this to your style.css (just like earlier):

.text-box td span {
padding-right: 4px;

Then adjust the pixel number accordingly.

Pippin Williamson comments:


My answer should work fine for your current code. What Mike Truese said about span tags and spaces is very true. I assume you are creating your site through Dream Weaver (which does not create the best code), and that is fine.

Mike was not insulting you, merely making a comment upon the way the site is coded, and also that there are issues with it when viewed in Firefox.

Not all browsers display things exactly the same, so sometimes things won't render correctly.

Before you go insulting people who are trying to answer YOUR question, I suggest you look into it and see if their answer has some solid weight behind it.

And calling people "fucking idiots" (which Mike's answer definitely did not earn), is not a way to encourage people to help you.


Baki Goxhaj answers:

You need to add <br> after the sentences or wrap each with <p>. You are using a lot of <span>s there which are good for in-line styling, but not the best choice to create paragraphs. So, make sure <span>s are inside <p>s.


Jermaine Oppong answers:

Simply <strong>Find and Replace</strong> the <span> tags you have to <p>. You dont really need spans for this one. If youre using Dreamweaver, then you can go into Code view and using the <strong>Find and Replace</strong> functionality you can solve this easily.