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Sub Menu Visable if active. WordPress



I would like the sub menu to be visible when either the top level or sub level option is active.

Also something to bear in mind is that this should not effect the way the menu works on a mobile device.

Please see image attached for project URL and example.

Many Thanks

Answers (1)


Vinod Dalvi answers:

Just add this css in style.css file of your theme.

#nav li .current-menu-item + div,
#nav li .current-menu-parent + div{
display:block !important;

#nav ~ li div{
display:none !important;

I have updated my answer try with this and let me know.

jimspankling comments:

no that hasn't worked. sorry.

jimspankling comments:

this has worked. you will see i have changed. would be nice if the sub menu would disappear when the other is shown on hover. you will see what i mean.


jimspankling comments:

perfect! Thank you!