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Sub Menu Drop Down that Appears only on "onClick" WordPress


Currently, I'm customizing a menu/sub menu for my wordpress portfolio blog and I'm having trouble with the sub-menu drop down.

What I would like is for my parents pages to be listed alone on the left hand sidebar when a user initially visits the page. Then, upon clicking on a parent item, the children drop down and are visible (but not in a spry-menu fashion) i would like them to literally show up regardless of where the mouse position is on the page.

When a separate parent is clicked, the first drop down goes up, and the new children of that new parent drop down and are visible.

I'm hoping this makes sense, I've attached images of how it's supposed to look. Right now, it's for the website:

Answers (2)


Denzel Chia answers:

Hi ecurls,

You should state that you are using the custom menu widget to produce the menu on your website.
And the drop down javascript should work with menu produced by custom menu widget.

This will give experts here a better idea of what is going on.



Chris Lee answers:


I could just do this for you. Do you have skype or email?

- Chris

Emilia Farrace comments:

I have both.

efarrace is my skype name. or you can search via [email protected]

Chris Lee comments:

Sorry I'll do this tonight!