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Strange page behaviour WordPress


Hi Guys

If you type in a browser a page that does not exist you should get a 404 error page but on this client site it is going to a password protected page that does not exist.

The site has been hacked in the past, is this a backdoor that the hacker has created?

normal page =

Page that should not exist = (this behaviour happens when you type in anything for example

Sitemap =

How do i hunt down where this behaviour is coded in?


Update: 404.php was full of hacker code still!!

Answers (2)


Giri answers:

Check your 404.php template.

Giri comments:

By the way I've emailed you the fix for that blockquote p tag bug

Giri comments:

<blockquote>404.php was full of hacker code still!!</blockquote>

Then yes thats a backdoor hacker has created.. erase the code and copy twenty twentytwelve 404 page code there.

Or if you have a backup copy of your site theme, then overwrite it with that backup file.

Steve Watson comments:

Spot on! :)


Hariprasad Vijayan answers:


Check .htaccess file and make sure that there is no unwanted codes in it.