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Strange Android View WordPress


My site homepage layout seems good in Chrome, but when I check it out on my android device the layout is completely wrong.

It must be changes I made today, because it looked ok yesterday, but I have made so many changes I have no idea what it could be.

Ideally I would like the Android view to be the same as the Chrome view only on a smaller scale.

Any help or advice in getting my site looking right in Android will be appreciated.

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Update: even hiding the sidebar for Android and Apple devices would look better, can this be done? is an extra folder in my child theme needed?

Update: I have uninstalled the RSS widget and removed the ads from sidebar, but they are STILL THERE in Android view? very strange? I have cleared cache and tried to view it on two other devices but they are still there.


Answers (1)


Dbranes answers:

Here's one idea:

Remove this from your child theme style.css:

#secondary {
width: 155px;

and also this part:

width: 16%;

from <em>.site:before</em>

ps: take a backup of your current CSS files before trying ;-)

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