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Store wordpress media completely off my server and on a CDN WordPress


Is there a CDN service that can be configured with a plugin or manually that simply allows you to host your uploaded media files completely off your server, but allow you to manage the attachments like normal.

These are key simple points...

1. Uploaded files are sorted into folders (just like normal)
2. Attachments can be deleted - which in turn removes the attachment files off the CDN
3. Files only to be uploaded directly to CDN
4. The ability to move previous uploads to the CDN and relink them
5. Multisite compatibility

I've got budget, but it's just finding such a service that does all the above.

I have a server with alot of wordpress installations on, and 4 of them are extremely heavy with photographic content, so I just want to go the down the CDN route and have all media stored/uploaded that way.

I've tried all these plugins, and none of these do what I need...

1. [[LINK href=""]]W3 Total Cache[[/LINK]] - Only tried with Amazon Cloudfront - no option to direct upload
2. [[LINK href=""]]WP2Cloud[[/LINK]] - MySQL incompatible
3. [[LINK href=""]]WP Read-Only[[/LINK]] - Almost perfect but unable to delete files - and no multisite compatibly.

I've tried more but they just mirror or copy using cron, which is useless for me because the whole point I would of thought is to get the media strain off your server and live safely in the cloud (which is backed up anyway).

Surely something must exist that can do everything I need.

If anyone thinks I am chasing a lost cause please let me know. I will also add more funds if someone needs to help confirgure a method properly.

Thanks in advance

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Luis Abarca answers:

Hi Josh,

I'm using [[LINK href=""]]Amazon S3 for WordPress[[/LINK]] to Sync all media uploaded to my sites.

I started like you, uploading files to server and then used [[LINK href=""]]CDN Sync Tool[[/LINK]] to upload all my uploads to the new folder on Amazon S3.

To serve my files from Amazon S3, installed WP Super Cache and configured CDN tab with my S3 bucket information (actually i'm using Amazon CloudFront).

If you dont want to preserve the files in your server, install [[LINK href=""]]WP Read-Only[[/LINK]].

All this plugins works with the corrent structure of your folder, actually it iploads it as is, you can navigate your files in your bucket like you do right now via FTP. Lets say /bucketname/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/01/image.jpg

To stream video you'll need CloudFront, have a look [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Have a look to this article too: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Josh Cranwell comments:

Many thanks Luis,

I will experiment on a test site now and read those link and get back to you.

Josh Cranwell comments:

WP Read seemed to perfect!!! ...but when you delete an attachment permanently it does not remove the files off amazon s3.

And it says it does not work with multi site (not tested) - No point testing if won't remove files as this could cause problems.

It's very frustrating that a plugin does not exist that is capable of just running 'uploads' entirely off the s3. It's such a shame. I need to get the files off my server completely to run normal functionality (upload and delete - not fussed about editing)


Luis Abarca comments:

Should be deleted by Amazon S3 for WordPress, have a look in your bucket permissions if you have checked "Upload/Delete"

Josh Cranwell comments:

Ah ok thank you. I take it works for you then?

Josh Cranwell comments:

See my bucket definitely has these permissions, but nothing is deleted of it...