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Step-by-step help for Facebook and Twitter Share and Redirect API WordPress



I would like to have two share images/buttons like this:

A customer HAS to share the product on Facebook or Twitter, before the product is added to the Woocommerce cart, <strong>that's exactly what i want too</strong>.

I came across this for Facebook:

<blockquote>If you use the regular LIKE button instead of the deprecated Share button you can also use the Event.subscribe API from the FB JS SDK:

Using this will provide the exact functionality you're looking to have.</blockquote>

And this:

And this for Twitter:

I already tried some things with the Facebook generator:

But i'm not that into coding to figure this out correctly.

I also noticed the redirection url can be something like this:

Do you manually have to add this button on every product with the products page ID? Or can this be automated (like the Woocommerce Add to Cart button)...

Can someone help with step-by-step explanation to get this done for Facebook and Twitter as the given example?


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