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Some categorys are not showing up in the menu creator widget WordPress

Hi guys

I'm building a real estate website which has about a 100 categories,
my client is adamant that they are on the menu,
the structure is mainly a parent and then 10 or so children per parent

after adding about 70 % of them the little widget in the menu cretor starts going haywire, Some of my categories are not showing up in the categories widget in the menu editor.. to allow me to be add them to the menu

this only happens with CERTAIN names though, one category has 10 items, but only 4 will show up in the widget.. and ONLY those four no matter which order i add them in? - i've been deleting them and re adding them and only those four are showing up.. no matter what, i've tried changing slugs and order.. and it doesn't help

The widget basically goes haywire after there are too many categories in wordpress,
it usually lists all the categories and sub categories in the widget, now it displays some
Parent/child categories and the rest are single file, whether in a category or not

something is either causing the menu category widget to not display all the categories correctly, or there is a conflict in the db

does anyone have any idea what might be happening here?

i redid the whole menu with a fresh installation, the exact same problem is happening
its a monster of a menu i think there are probably too many items, i've never had this kind of problem before though with big menus..

but this is exactly what my client wants.. any ideas?

Thanks so much

Answers (3)


Michael Caputo answers:

It looks like you're trying to add menu items. Is this correct?

Mike Peters comments:

yes sorry i forgot to mention probably the most important thing lol, yeah its in the normal menu creator in wordpress..

Michael Caputo comments:

So are you able to add all the categories you want into the menu editor?

Mike Peters comments:

YEs but some of them aren't showing up, so i can't ad them to the menu, the categories exist in the backend but for some reason (i think through overload)some of the categorys aren't showing up in the category menu item dialog in the menu editor - check out the picture :) i think theres some kind of conflict with either the widget or the db

Michael Caputo comments:

Have you tried searching for them in that category selector menu?

Michael Caputo comments:

What plugins are you using on your site?

Mike Peters comments:

Yes i have andno luck :) , so for some reason that widget isn't picking them up at all.. i think theres something thats screwing with that widget, because after a while wthere the itrem is a parent or child they start listing in that dialog as single items without the tiers


Rowela Alzona answers:

Did you try to search them on the next pages? (1,2,3)?
Or maybe the sub categories are empty?
And what are the plugins that you are using, might be conflicting.

Mike Peters comments:

Yes i did, basically the categorys which wont show up dont show up in that search either,

i though it might be that i used a bulk category plugin to load the categorys that could've caused issues, so i deleted wordpress and started again using only a widget which allows you to minimize menus items,
i readed all the catgorys from the start one by one and the exact same categorys wont show up.. thats why i'm wondering if it might be a db issue with naming, i've tried changing slugs etc but that isn't working :)
so yeah its not the plugins either..

Rowela Alzona comments:

Haha, thats weird Id like to see it in actual if you can lend me the logins so i can see it.

Mike Peters comments:

Ok i'll send you a a private message, Thanks for the help!

Rowela Alzona comments:

No problem, Ill be around.. :)

Rowela Alzona comments:

This is weird, I tried manually adding it also to my localhost, for some reason we have a slightly almost the same problem.

Check out my screenshot...

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]