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Slow loading W3tc CDN WordPress

The post grid is a good option because we can show hundreds of photos with the custom field data from meta values of the post BUT the problem is that takes a LONG time to load (sometimes a full minute +) and no viewer is going to hang around that long. Now we just have 12 pictures we don’t want to think if we have a 100 or more

I’m not really techno-savvy
-There is another option then postgrid?
-Is there a way to fix this issue?
-If I create this page adding each photo manually after publish will be painful if I want to show in ascending or descending sort order (3 pics per row)

To increase the speed we paid to W3Tcache for a professional configuration- at the moment of CDN configuration we test Amazon Cloudfront distribution test passed. BUT If I copy the address of any image and open in a new window still don’t see the we see:… We have uncheck disable CDN for the following roles > Administrator. Meaning my cdn is not working? Our host is hostgator

We check in ( all countris OK
We test in - - load time always different, looks like is working But still slow loading

We show galleries of a 100 or more pictures thru Nextgen with no problem in desktop laptop tablets and iphone NOW the lightbox in tablets and iphones have a problem shows half of the images- is this caused for the W3Tcache configuration? There is a way to fix it?

Thank you in advance for your help

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Your webpage take a lot of time to load, try disabling all plugin caches and test again.

add this css to fix the cut images

a.nextgen_pro_lightbox img{