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Sliding gallery error in Autofocus pro theme WordPress



I have been using the latest Autofocus pro theme and it works fine except for an error when I add the sliding gallery feature (a check box when editing the post).

The images do not center after the first image rolls over. Part of the previous image is displayed in a band along the left hand side edge.

I attach a screen grab to illustrate.

I'm new to WP and not incredibly technical, so I'm not sure where to look for the relevant code or what I should be looking for to change... that said, I'm confident that with a bit of expert guidance I'll be able to figure it out.



Answers (2)


Matt K answers:

This should be fixable by editing the stylesheet to make that slider less wide. Maybe see if you can take 40 pixels off?

Pascal Barry comments:

didn't seem to work though i may not have edited the code correctly. i changed all instances of width 800px to 760px and problem is still there...