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Slideshow effect WordPress


Hi! I'm looking for a WP-Plugin for the following slideshow effect:

It looks quite simple, but the plugin I found in the code (SuperBGImage) seems to be hard to add, I have no programming skills!

So I'm looking for a more simple solution. Also I would like to work with the WP-Gallery, and not something like NextGen, if possible....


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Jim Dugan answers:

This one's great:
The premium version is also great but probably not necessary for what you want.

Simone Fuchs comments:

That was easy, thanks!


Albert Shala answers:

Here is a simple example: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]] Slowing down the fade and adding a delay will produce an exact effect as in the link you provided.

If you need help implementing PM me.


Luis Abarca answers:

You can use Nivo Slider

Or anything slider, but without arrows

If you need more help, you can send me login details or skype me


Abdessamad Idrissi answers:

Hey Simone,

that page doesn't use "superbgimage" as a slide show, because if you notice the source code, it is commented out.
the script that is used is:

and to call it they use
<script type="text/javascript">
myShow = new Slideshow("Lindenblüten erzählen", {type: "fade", duration: [3500, 2000], hu: "", images: ["01.jpg","02.jpg","03.jpg","04.jpg","05.jpg"], width: 410, height: 547});

Simone Fuchs comments:

Yes your right, thats for the background navigation...


Charles Klycinski answers:

I can help You with that. Send you a PM


Luis Cordova answers:

I used the flashfader plugin, is the simplest you could possible have.
It is old but I have used it in desperate situations

it has instructions and it is pretty adaptable. You will have to open and edit files but you can do this easily and carefully. Rather than giving you a complex solution I am teaching you how to fish.

If you have more questions just ask.


1. Install:
Copy the 2 files flashfader.php and flashfader.swf in the plugins directory (wp-content/plugins). Activate the plugin. Go to “Manage” in the admin panel, open submenu item “Flashfader”. The flashfader admin was moved to “Posts” since version 2.7.

2. Usage:
If you see the settings and upload page, the installation went fine. Upload 2 images for a test-drive.

Now you need to open one of the files of your current template. Assuming you use the default template (wp-content/themes/default), open sidebar.php and place the following code directly under
<div id="sidebar">

include (ABSPATH."wp-content/flashfader/flashfaderhtml.txt");

Upload sidebar.php in the template’s directory. Reload your WP homepage and you should see your slideshow.

sidebar.php was just an example. You can place the code in any template file, just make sure it is placed in html and not within < ?php ?> tags.