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Slider nav missing in IE8 WordPress


Been trying everything here and before going insane I thought I'd give you guys the chance to check it out.

The problem: In IE8 the buttons do not show up in the slider elements on the homepage here:

I've tried z-indexing and just about everything else. Help anybody!

Answers (3)


Manoj Raj answers:

Actually its working in ie8 LeTune and not in IE7 I guess due to the negative text-indent bug (in IE7) in ie.css

Check ie.css and find .pager-link and then text-indent : -119988px; -> this declaration causes the problem...

You can fix the bug by adding text-transform:capitalize next to the text-intent

Check the following articles

LeTune comments:

Hey Manoj, just checked in IE6 and your advice did the trick. Yaj! :)

Is there any way to hide the numbers?


Arnav Joy answers:

i did not found any problem in ie 8 , please check screenshot.

let me know how can I check it ,


LeTune comments:

Its IE8 on XP for some reason. Check!


phppoet answers:

i check your site in chrome , firefox and IE8 and i can't find any difference in both slider on your homepage. its working perfectly on my site.