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Slider JavaScript Loading Error WordPress


Seems to be an issue with loading two jQuery instances on -- the slider just keeps spinning and never fully loading.

Answers (3)


Dbranes answers:

You can try to use an older version of jQuery, i.e. if you replace

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


<script src="//"></script>

since you are using older versions of jQuery plugins.


it looks like you can use up to jQuery version <strong>1.8.3</strong>

<script src="//"></script>

since version <strong>1.9+</strong> doesn't support <strong>browser.msie</strong> any longer but this is used in the jQuery plugins on your site.

AaronChiles comments:

Great work, thanks!


Agus Setiawan answers:

have you setup the option correctly ?

Agus Setiawan comments:

is it work when you're logged in ? and didn't work when logout ? i think this is the solution :

I looked into this, and it turns out that the issue occurs when the "Users must be registered and logged in to comment" option is checked under Settings > Discussion Settings in your Dashboard. I went ahead and unchecked the option for you since it looks like you've already disabled comments. We are looking into this issue further to discover the underlying cause, but right now the slider works on your site when I view it logged out. Does it work on your end?


Abdelhadi Touil answers:

Have you tried to deactivate plugins one by one? maybe the problem comes from conflict with one or more plugins..

AaronChiles comments:

I believe it's a conflict with one of the plugins -- however, I'd rather have someone diagnose and fix for hire rather than test it myself.