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Slickr Flickr Plugin / Jquery Conflict WordPress


Trying to use the Slickr Flickr plugin, but I get a $ JQuery conflict. What is the best solution to make it work? I don't want to change the general.js file in case there are updates, which would overwrite the file.

The plugin is not currently enabled.
The client needs to review the site without seeing the errors.
I can enable for troubleshooting.

Answers (2)


Peter Michael answers:


Peter Michael comments:

And on which page are you getting that conflict?

Peter Michael comments:

Enable please :)

Peter Michael comments:

Instead of using $(window).load(function() and $(document).ready(function() please use jQuery(window).load(function($) and jQuery(document).ready(function($).

Also, for your carousel code use jQuery(".carousel_large_800 .btn1") (all instances) instead

PM if you need help replacing code


Elizabeth Jamieson answers:

We are the developers of Slickr Flickr. Either

1. You have more than one version of jQuery loaded
2. You have more than one lightBox loaded
3. There is a plugin conflict causing a javascript error

For the first two possible issues view the source of your page and look for more than one instance of the jquery to confirm.

For the last look at your site in Internet explorer and check for JavaScript errors which are highlighted in the status bar at the bottom of the browser. This will give you the line number of where the failure occurs

Failing that, please sign up for Slickr Flickr PRO so that we can support you one on one. We will be happy to look at your site and help solve the problem.