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Site performace help WordPress

Hi Guys

I am building this site for a client using Wordpress & Catalyst as I do all my client sites. However this particular client has come back to me with issues that have never been an issue before. So I'm after some advice and some paid help if anyone is interested.

My clients says:

On trying Windows 7 browsers I had the following experiences

- Chrome - crashed first time I tried to access site - body font looked poor compared to OSX
- Firefox - machine ran hot - Fan came on - body font looked poor compared to OSX
- Safari - OK - machine ran hot - Fan came on - body font looked poor compared to OSX
- internet explorer - OK - machine ran hot - Fan came on - body font looked poor compared to OSX

So I run the site through GT Metrix to see what was going on

Here's the result

Not brilliant, any suggestions on how to improve this?

He talks about memory usage of the site too, how do I test/improve that? Why would his machine run hot when viewing the site?

Many thanks

Answers (5)


Kyle answers:

To test memory try the Memory Viewer plugin

It will show how much ram is being used at various hooks (plugins, themes, the loop, etc.)

Kyle comments:

I would also consider putting in a Cloudflare ( free account for the site to optimize performance, it has a setting that will help with that stat you failed in your attached image. If you use this it works with W3TC or has its own plugin.

Kyle comments:

When using the Memory Viewer plugin, you can test how much ram each plugin is using by deactivating and reactivating each one individually and measuring the drop in the usage.


Dbranes answers:

The P3 profiler plugin can give you various information/statistics on plugins performance:

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]


Your Javascript might also cause high CPU load.

You could try to disable Javascript in your browser to see if it gives you the same problem.

Check out Firebug / Chrome dev tools.

Dbranes comments:

Here is a nice tutorial on how to profile cpu/memory usage for your Javascript in Chrome:


[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]


[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]


Ross Wilson answers:

I actually see the jquery.tagcanvas causing a spike in cpu usage for the site. Can you disable that plugin and see if you get the same results (fan kicking on and such). That tab in chrome is using 8-10% of my cpu on a eight core i7 windows machine.

Most of the other suggestions here, while good suggestions, seem to be focusing on server-side performance, while your client is undoubtedly talking about performance in the browser and the effect on the client machine.

Edit: Profiling the newer version of tagcanvas on only gives me 1% cpu usage. You might try upgrading to the newer version.

Steve Watson comments:

Thanks Ross, this sent me down the right track


Hardeep Singh answers:

I agree with Ross on this, that issue is on browser side and not server side.

Basically, you need analyze the items in the gtmetrix report and work on it accordingly.

Try using some caching plugin + minify & combine JS & CSS files.
This will reduce network calls and reduce memory print for browser too. (Make fewer HTTP requests)


Hariprasad Vijayan answers:


You can check your website speed using google pagespeed. Check the following link.
It shows the website optimize status, critical error etc. I think this will help you..

Good luck..