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Site loading speed alot slower in Android browser, is this css? WordPress

my site loads 5x or more slower in Android browser than Safari, IE, Firefox, Chrome etc

does anyone see anything in my CSS or javascript that would cause this?

Answers (5)


Navjot Singh answers:

It loaded just fine for me on Chrome browser on Android. Perhaps you can try clearing the browser cache and check again?

Katie comments:

google analytics is constantly telling me the site loads a lot slower in android - maybe this is inaccurate tho


Espreson Media answers:

Page is loading fine!
There is no issue.


Hariprasad Vijayan answers:


May be you could try fixing issues mentioned in Google PageSpeed Insights,


Bob answers:

You should minify the css.

You can you online tool like

Your caching plugin also has capability to minify css and js. you can enable it. even you can set to minify only css.

But be aware of it. sometime it breaks the website. so if plugin do not work then manually minify it.


Ian Lincicome answers:

CSS if very rarely the issue causing a page to load slowly. try using one of the available online speed test sites to break it down to individual file load times such as the one at!/c3STr2/ I would think you could run it from your phone. Hope that helps.