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Simple math in PHP WordPress


I have a variable that holds a number:


If I echo that variable, it outputs the number. In my testing, this variable equals 4995.

I simply want to get 20% of that number and echo it.

Here's my code:

$DownPayment = $price * .3; //$price equals 4995
echo $DownPayment;
//outputs "1.2". Should be "1498.5"... WTF!!

If I replace the $price variable with a hard coded number then it works. I also tried using (int)$price, that that didn't make a difference.

I've spent 2 hours on this, and I can't figure out such a simple thing!

Answers (4)


Utkarsh Kukreti answers:

Add this before the code, and let me know the output


John Buchmann comments:

Thanks for the fast reply! I get this:

string(5) "4,995"

Utkarsh Kukreti comments:

You need to remove the "," from it first.

$price = str_replace(",", "", $price);
$DownPayment = $price * .3; //$price equals 4995
echo $DownPayment;

Utkarsh Kukreti comments:

And just to be more clear, you can do to ensure that price is an integer.

$price = intval(str_replace(",", "", $price));

John Buchmann comments:

That's it!!! Thank you so much!! :D


Denzel Chia answers:


<blockquote>I simply want to get 20% of that number and echo it.</blockquote>

I thought 20% should be multiply by 0.2 and not 0.3?

if price is 4995, which is 100%
20% should be 4995 divide by 100 multiply by 20 and the answer should be 999.



Caroline Keim answers:

Try this

$price = '4,995';
$bad_symbols = array(",", ".");
$price = str_replace($bad_symbols, "", $price);
$DownPayment = $price * .3; //$price equals 4995

echo $DownPayment;


Jerson Baguio answers:

just typecast it with float like this

$DownPayment = (float)$price * .3; //$price equals 4995