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Simple custom templet WordPress

Hi guys

On the following page

I have five images. each image is linked to a page on the site. In place of this setup, They like the look but it is had to manage, I rather have one page that has multiple post. I there a way to get the same look with a page/post structure ?

Answers (1)


Luis Abarca answers:

Yep, you can create a custom page template

page-{slug}.php and add the content or a custom loop

lchiango comments:

Hi, will it take post if I create a new categoryfor it ?

Luis Abarca comments:

Yep, you can create a category and add a custom template for that category.

category-{ID}.php or category-{slug}.php

lchiango comments:

did you look the page on my site ? How difficult is it to load into the theme.. do I do it throught command prompt or a import into Karma ?

lchiango comments:

let me know because I need this done asap

Luis Abarca comments:

Just duplicate category.php and rename to category-{slug}.php, then add your code to show the loop, this can be done via ftp or SSH