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Sign up/contact form with opt-in, plugin? WordPress


Hi, as the title applies I have been looking for at way to sign up user with some more meta than just there name and email. I need to ask them a few more questions.

I would like to build forms where I could use <strong>drop-down</strong>, <strong>radio btn</strong>, <strong>text fields</strong> and so on..
The form should then send a confirmation mail (<em>opt-in</em>) to the user with a link to confirm.

I think it pretty straight forward and I have seen it done so many times, but I have been going trough the wordpress plugin library over and over again with out any luck. The closed I found was Form Builder, but the opt-in part was missing.

Any help would the appreciated.

The help i'm looking for could be: <strong>a plugin</strong>, <strong>a add-on to Form Builder</strong>, <strong>a link to a tutorial</strong> or just some advise about what to search for


Answers (4)


Sidd answers:

Hello Mads,

I think Register Plus will work fine for the the following purposes :-
- Custom fields for sign up ( including drop down menus. check boxes, etc )
- Opt in feature -( activate the plugin and check out the settings; there you will find many features and also one called "email verification" . )

I have setup a site just to explain my point.Please check this out and see , if this is what you want . [[LINK href=""]]Here is the link[[/LINK]]

Mads Hensel comments:

Thanks for the example page. I have actually tried the register plus, but was a little unsure if I were able to customize the look of it. But I'll guess I have to give it another try. Do you know if its possible to make to different login form where I can make different fields? And how does the data get stored in the database?

Mads Hensel comments:

I have tried registry plus and I do not think it is compatible with the latest version of wordpress. I can not, for example to add custom fields and custom css does not work!

Which version of wordpress have you used in your examples?

Sidd comments:

Hello Mads,

I used WP 2.9.2 .
Register plus is not tested with WP 2.9.2 but that does not mean that is not compatible.
I have had no issues using it on my client website which is also running WP 2.9.2 for a long time now.

It creates database entries of all custom fields that you make. After a person has successfully signed up, he/she can then change the custom field data via the "Your Profile" link in the dashboard. The custom fields created by "Register Plus" will show under "Your Profile" in the dashboard.
Please make sure that you check the "profile" option in "Register Plus" when creating a custom field.

If you are having trouble setting up the custom fields , I can do them for you.
As far as CSS styling is concerned, I have to try that myself. I haven't felt the need to style anything so far with my client's website.

Also, I 'd like to know whether the opt-in feature worked like you wanted ?

Mads Hensel comments:

Ok, after some testing I found out how it worked but, the thing about not getting the custom css to work, is a problem for me.

The opt-in feature worked like it should though.

Sidd comments:

Hi Mads,

Sounds good that something got going there.
I need to ask you, that if the custom CSS can be made to work, then will that mean that your question is answered ?

Mads Hensel comments:

Yes and no, I'm willing to say that it a solution, but I working on another solution though, but if you are able to make it work then thats a solution that might come in handy and I would say it could count as a answer.

By the way thanks to everybody for there help so far. I'm going to use the service again :)

Sidd comments:

Thanks Mads.
If I get the time, then I will work the CSS for you as well. But I guess, Firebug could get you to that quickly. If the inbuilt CSS input box in the settings of the plugin doesn't work, just get hold of the CSS file that is being called and do an edit there.


Daniel Wiener answers:

I use [[LINK href=""]]Contact Form 7[[/LINK]] which works well and is easy to use. It also has validation. The link above is to their "docs" which should make it clear whether it includes the functions you need.

And for a price there is [[LINK href=""]]Gravity Forms[[/LINK]] which looks very robust, though I have not used it.

Contact Form 7 has been fine for my needs.

Hope this helps.


Daniel Wiener comments:

It is not totally clear what the opt-in link is for but it sounds almost like you are creating a membership site. There is a membership plugin produced by

This might work for your needs.

Mads Hensel comments:

Hi, I'm just collection data on the people that sign up. The data is then used to negotiate an agreement in place. Thats why it needs to be proven valid and not just blown up numbers. :)

Sorry I can't be more clear about it, but the service is not out yet so I have to keep it on a hush hush level :)


Buzu B answers:

this migh help..


WP Answers answers:

The most complete form management tool I've ever found, and continue to use on every Wordpress site I build for clients is called Gravity Forms. [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Its a premium plugin, so you need to purchase it, but it is well worth the price. Visit the site and check out the demos.

The possibilities are really endless. As a developer, building forms by hand is one of the most pain in the a** things you have to do. With Gravity Forms, its actually fun making forms, and you can literally build complex forms in a matter of minutes.

Mads Hensel comments:

Thanks everybody for the links and comments. Gravity forms looks nice, but I'm unsure after going trough there website, that the opt-in feature is possible? Am I overlooking that feature or do they not have that?

Thanks, again

WP Answers comments:


I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but check out the screen shot I just took.

When you are building your form with Gravity Forms, you have the option to send a notification email to the user. You can then define everything about the email like subject, from address, and the message.

[[LINK href=""]]Screenshot Here[[/LINK]]

WP Answers comments:

I also just found this plug-in. it looks like it has what your after, although I'm not certain what types of form fields you can add.

[[LINK href=""]]G-Lock Double Opt-in Manager[[/LINK]]

Mads Hensel comments:

I have tried the G-lock plugin but the lack of drop-down field type, makes it unsuited.

What I mean about the opt-in is like when you create an account at this site. I get an email with a link witch I have to confirm to make my account valid.

WP Answers comments:

Ok I understand. I'm not sure if it's possible via Gravity Forms or not. I just sent them an email and I will let you know as soon as I hear back.

What is the purpose of the confirmation link?

Another option can be a simple checkbox that says something like "I agree to XYZ" (or whatever you want) and make it a required field, and then your confirmation email can just have an overview of everything they filled out, or welcoming them to the site or whatever else you want it to say.

Mads Hensel comments:

OK, thanks.

The purpose of the confirmation link is to ensure that email is valid and that no one else is just typing the mail in the for.

I'm making a site where people is to sign up and when the service they offer on the site, is ready they should be informed. And there data needs to be confirmed valid for the service to work. :)