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Show images from nextgen gallery on page in slideshow WordPress



Here's the url: <strong></strong>

What i would like to achieve is to show the images from the page "heren-mode" which are placed with NextGen gallery on the screen in de tv on top of the navigation.

I would like to achieve the same with welcome, dames mode and contact.

So what should be done:

1. check the images on the specified page ex. heren-mode
2. Get the images
3. Show the images in the slideshow div (these ones are in the header.php) as:
<img src="...">
<img src="...">
<img src="...">

If you have any questions just let me know.
Thanks for the quick response.

Answers (2)


John Cotton answers:

Hi Filip

Isn't this very similar to the question I answered for you the other week?

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Is if the pictures (2 of two couples at the moment) that you want placing in the each of the boxes at the top?

If so, I can knock some script up for you that does that.



Filip Van Reeth comments:

would be really nice ;-)
looking forward to the script


John Cotton comments:

Add this to your page:

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">

jQuery(document).ready( function() {
var iTimeout = 3000;

for ( i = 1; i < 5; i++ ) {
var selector = ".slideshow";

if( i > 1 ) selector += i.toString();

jQuery(".ngg-gallery-thumbnail img").each( function() { jQuery(selector).append(jQuery(this).clone()); });
jQuery(selector).cycle({ fx: 'scrollLeft', timeout: iTimeout, fastOnEvent: true });
iTimeout += 1000;


Does that do what you want?

Filip Van Reeth comments:

Hi John,

It works when you are on the page but that is not correct.

Welkom should show the images used of the page 'welkom'
Herenmode should use the images of the page 'heren-mode'
and so on.

The slide rotation has to take the pictures of the designated pages.
To make it easy to check i uploaded colored images for welkom, damesmode and contact so you can check it.

Do you get it ;)

Thanks for the quick reply.

John Cotton comments:

Hi Filip

Yes, I think I see what you want now.

In order to use my code, the images have to already be on the pages, so you're going to need to output each gallery (multiple shortcodes) on each page. Once you've done that, I can make the javascript work.


Filip Van Reeth comments:

Is there a way to get it fixed when you know the album id's?
Its because the client is gonna update his images.


John Cotton comments:

<blockquote>Is there a way to get it fixed when you know the album id's?
Its because the client is gonna update his images.</blockquote>

I'm not sure - I don't use the plug-in so don't know what the implications of that would be. But if you mean hard-coding the database ID's then I think that would be a bad idea since - at some point - it will break and you're going to have to rush around finding out why.

What's stopping you putting a little custom code in there that just outputs the other galleries in the same way as you are doing for the one on the page?


Filip Van Reeth comments:

Hey John,

Sorry for the late reponse but there was another project that kept me busy.
Let's do it your way. If I understand it should make no difference for the clients as he uses the admin to add or remove images from the designated gallery, correct.

Do you needs the FTP settings?
Thanks for a quick reaction.

Kind regards,


Rashid Aliyev answers:

On inserting galery on Gallery tab, select slideshop in optionbox (radiobuttons). That's all.

Filip Van Reeth comments:


I wish it was that simple.
Can you take a good look at the briefing + the lastest conversation with John Cotton.
Thanks for looking into it.