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Show Prices Including Tax in Woocommerce Cart WordPress


For the correct tax summary and receipts, I have to use the following tax settings in Woocommerce:
Display prices in the shop: Including Tax
Display prices during cart and checkout: Excluding Tax

That causes one issue. The price on product line on cart page is displaying price excluding tax. That is misleading and not allowed according to our laws.
Also I have enabled mini cart-widget which displays mini cart in header. That seems to be pulling the same price info as it shows the price excluding tax.

So is it possible to show prices including tax in cart and mini cart widget when
Display prices during cart and checkout: Excluding Tax
is turned on.

We have the latest versions of Wordpress and Woocommerce installed.

Thanks for your help!

Answers (3)


Balanean Corneliu answers:

You have compiled this section with the VAT text?
Price Display Suffix: ... ?

pce_teromu comments:

No, the issue is not with the text, but the amounts. I want to show prices including VAT in cart and in header mini cart-widget.


Rempty answers:

maybe is wrong configured, take a look the screenshot.

pce_teromu comments:

Yes, I know if I turn the settings as
Display prices during cart and checkout: Including Tax

Then the cart and mini cart-widget shows the price like it should.
But as I said in original post, I need to use setting "excluding tax" for order receipts to have separate line for tax amount.

So another option would be edit the order-received page.

If I turn
Display prices during cart and checkout: Including Tax
setting on, woocommerce does not show separate line for tax, just (includes x.xx VAT) after total.

This is standard behavior with Woocommerce.
It is just strange issue as in several countries in Europe you are not allowed to show non-tax prices in b2c shop and at the same time separate line for tax amount is required in order receipt.


Romel Apuya answers:

im not sure if i understand the question correctly,

but try create a folder named woocommerce inside ur theme then create cart folder.
so woocommerce/cart

copy from the woocommerce plugin the file cart-totals.php upload it to the folder you just created

edit cart-totals.php

line 59

<?php if ( wc_tax_enabled() && WC()->cart->tax_display_cart == 'excl' ) : ?>

change to

<?php if ( wc_tax_enabled() && WC()->cart->tax_display_cart == 'incl' ) : ?>

pce_teromu comments:

Thanks for your help. But the issue was not with the cart-totals. But with the product line and header mini cart-widget.
See this link:

Romel Apuya comments:

I think you need to simplify what ur trying to achieved.
Its not pretty clear what you want.

pce_teromu comments:

Hello Romel
I want to display prices "incl" tax when "excl" is selected on cart page product line and in mini-cart header -widget.
Mini-cart-widget uses the same data as in cart.
Basically your approach was correct and it changed the cart-totals, but that was never big issue as the cart-totals also displays VAT amount right under the subtotal.

These spots show price excluding tax. The price including tax should be 49.90. I would like to change those to include tax.

Here is the same page if I select
Display prices during cart and checkout: Including Tax

And this is how I would need to display the cart.