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(Shopp Plugin) Remove /category/ category.php in permalinks WordPress

<strong>Software:</strong> Shopp 1.1.7
[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

<strong>Issue:</strong> remove /category/ from

<strong>Tried:</strong> htaccess trickery, wp permalink settings, shop forums.

<em>Any Shopp users on here that could provide some tips would be much appreciated!</em>

Answers (4)


takycardia answers:

Why don't you modify categories structure from SQL?

West Coast Design Co. comments:

Not sure, what you mean. It has to be dynamic, so that when someone creates a new category the changes adhere.


AdamGold answers:

Go to your WordPress dashboard, then <strong>Settings -> Permalinks -> Change your category base</strong>

West Coast Design Co. comments:

Have you used Shopp before?


Daniele Raimondi answers:

There's 2 plugin that can remove category base "category" from permalinks:

1) [[LINK href=""]]Pathless Category Link[[/LINK]]

2) [[LINK href=""]]WP No Category Base[[/LINK]]

In case of multilingual site, 1 is compatible with WPML while 2 can made compatible with qtranslate.
There is also a [[LINK href=""]]Redirection [[/LINK]]plugin that sould do the trick if properly configured

West Coast Design Co. comments:

Have you used Shopp before?


Just Me answers:

You should be able to do the thing you want following this article