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Sansation Wordpress Coding Help needed WordPress



I am using sansation wordpress theme version 1.4

The 3D slider was working perfectly before the update now there is nothing showing. I had 16 images in it before, and have watched the tutorial on set up and followed along I can not figure out why the slideshow is not working now on the front page.

Also I need the header links

* Home
* Signing Up Is Easy
* Marketing Support
* About
* Contact Us

to be lower, almost below the sites logo. Can anyone either tell me exactly what files to change and where or is anyone willing to help me with this as well?

Thank You

Answers (2)


Oleg Butuzov answers:

Elen please provide a link to site via message in my profile.

EllenHa comments:

Message sent thank you!

Oleg Butuzov comments:

i didin't get the link. can you use my mail ([email protected])

EllenHa comments:

Yes I just sent it from [email protected]


Buzu B answers:

to move the menu a bit down you can just open style.css and add this at the end:

#header .center #nav_main{
top: 56px;

change the 56 for whatever number of pixel you want your menu to appear from the top of the window. This will change the menu regardless of the Color Scheme you selected.

As for the 3D slider, it would be helpful if you provided a link to the site.

PS. style.css is located on the main Sansation directory.