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Safari CSS issue help please WordPress


Hi Guys

ON the home page of this site

Where the paragrapch says "Save money and time" looks fine in Chrome (Mac) but in Safari it looks like this:

Can someone see what I am doing wrong please?

Many thanks

Answers (3)


Remy answers:

Looks like the margin-bottom on the .nh_clear is responsible. You might want to remove it and set the margin-top of the .nh_text-1 to 80px

Steve Watson comments:

Awesome Remy, thanks that sorted it.


isp_charlie answers:

here man: just change nargin-bottom to padding
.nh_clear {
padding-bottom:80px !important;


idt answers:

I think that is because of the floating nh_video and nh_optin elements. Enclose those two within a div with class clearfix. So structure becomes something like this:

<div class="clearfix">
<div class="nh_video">
<!-- Contents here -->
<div class="nh_optin">
<!-- Contents here -->