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SOLVED !!!! Fix My E-Commerce Cart Mistake... WordPress


Permalink Problem/code deletion...

This site was an overhaul and had some structure problems. Code was deleted and categories moved around. Images and category grid view displays BUT when a product is clicked on a 404 error arrives. Any help on which code I deleted and where it needs help? Payment will be fair depending on time for fix.

Answers (2)


Tom Ransom answers:

Can you provide specific examples? Just testing it now seemed to work fine - product was added to cart.

I am curious about the relationship (i.e. how you have it organized) between which redirects to and WordPress seems to think that this is

- Tom

Brooke Taylor comments:

Nice find haha.. I have as much of an idea as you.. I just got this one on Thursday with a mess and no real navigation. Still working on the design :-P - Its a bit of the end of year charity donation. At the moment I only the the WP-Admin log in so I am very limited on css changes in formatting.

I am amazed, it fixed somehow - maybe I did do it and it took some time to refresh..I have changed permalinks a million times and was not sure why it was not working! No answer needed I guess, hmm..


Buzu B answers:

Can you edit your question and specify that the issue was solved before any solution was given? That way people don't spend time trying to find and fix an nonexisting problem.

Thanks ;)

Brooke Taylor comments:

Hey Buzu, good to see ya, been super busy - let me know if I owe you anything, I havent had a chance to go back through the past 2 weeks of accounting yet.

Buzu B comments:

Hey Brooke, I don't think you owe me anything. Last time you sent the payment for the two hours of work and we haven't done anything since then.

Good to see you!