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SFC plugin not working on custom theme WordPress


I am trying to use Simple Facebook Connect plugin by Otto - on a site but the theme doesn't support it somehow.

Switching to twentyten theme makes it work but on the custom theme, it just don't work for some reason which neither I have traced so far nor I have time with me at the moment but I need to get this done as soon as possible.

Problem - Click on FBConnect button, if you are not logged in, it asks for login and then go inert (nothing happens if you click it again) and if you are already logged in, then it remains inert and nothing happens when you click it.

The theme does have the header and footer calls. I tried asking the plugin author (Otto) himself but at once he didn't have anything to suggest.

<strong>How come not anyone is able to trace this out?</strong>

Answers (6)


Kaavs answers:

Hi Ashfame,

Checked out your site, I didn't find any problem at all. Connected to FB just fine. I even pressed 'liked it' ....

I didn't find any issue with it... maybe you'd want to re-check that? out of curiosity , what internet browser are you using? IE / Firefox / Opera, etc? Does your plugin have compatibility for all browsers?


Ashfame comments:

Hi Kaavs,

For me that doesn't work neither in Firefox nor in Chrome. What browser were you using?
Moreover since it works on changing the theme, I don't think it has something to do with browser incompatibilities.
Were you able to comment using FBConnect on the site?

Kaavs comments:

No, I was not able to comment on it and once logged in, it went inactive (just a non-functional push button). I went to check the SFC plugin and could you confirm that you did change your theme's comment.php file to have the code before the first input:
<div id="comment-user-details">
<?php do_action('alt_comment_login'); ?>

and this code is also there in the same comment.php file:

if (function_exists('get_avatar')) {
global $comment;
echo get_avatar($comment, '40');
} else {
$gravatarUrl = "" . md5(get_comment_author_email()) . "&size=40";
echo "<img src='$gravatarUrl'/>";

Let me know if the problem is still there....

Ashfame comments:

So, you were just able to bring that login dialog up? Please read my question carefully, I have already mention what the problem really is.

Yes, I do have that code in my comments.php and that's how the FBConnect button comes up there or else it would not have been there.

Regarding the second snippet, there is no use of it at the moment, its something for the avatars as I can see.

Let me login first and then I will care for other stuff. Hope you have a solution.

Kaavs comments:

I'm no expert, but have you tried de-activating all other plugins other than SFC and re-loaded the page to see if it works? Plugins sometimes have a weird compatibility issues within a theme.

If that's not the fault, my second question is: are you using more than one Facebook Connect plugin ? SFC is a modular plugin.

Thirdly, have you checked the Facebook Connect cross-domain receiver URL?

For example,

( _______or something like this______) must be in the same domain or be in a subdomain of an application's base domain ( You can configure the base domain in the application's settings.

Capitalization matters, so check if you've got your url in small letters.

Yes, I am able to log into Facebook if I'm not logged in earlier.