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Rogue links being added to website in IE 10 WordPress

Hi Guys

I have just built a site for a client and when he views it he sees hyperlinks where i have not added any.

see this shot:

The site is

He is on a brand new machine and is using IE 10

it it a browser setting or toolbar that is adding those links or some kind of malware.

in the screenshot example the words investment service have been automatically turned into a hyperlink to an Experian website.

Thanks for any help


Answers (6)


Agus Setiawan answers:

not shown here

i think it came from his browser addon


Daniel Yoen answers:

Source code looks good, if it comes from the add on will not affect anything against the site. :-)


MDan answers:

Hi Steve,

Indeed, the theme seems to be clean.

I just tried on Firefox/Chrome/IE 8 and there aren't any kind of links as described.
First, you could install one of these wordpress plugins to do a full scan of your theme files just to be sure.

Otherwise, the target machine is affected with some kind of malware or something so the site should be ok.


WP Security answers:

Hi Steve,

Your browser has been hijacked. We see this a lot with IE.

Here are several good clean-up articles:




There are no quick fixes

Do not skip any steps.


Navjot Singh answers:

Tested on IE 10 here. No issues reported. Ask your client to change browser and test. Also ask him to disable unknown addons on IE 10 which might be causing it.


Andrew Wong answers:

Do you think it is some sort of malware on the client's computer? When they hover it, there is some pop-up?