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Review Blog Setup - How should I do it? WordPress


I want to create a blog review platform on my WP/WooCommerce store.

Now many bloggers review our products, and I want to put their reviews on our website... so that we can send traffic there and make it easier to buy.

Take a look at this picture please:

Now I have to create/configure a system to make this. It's 4 things that I haven't figured out yet for the right column.

1. How to select the bio for the blogger?

2. How to create the bio of the blogger?

3. How to show relevant other posts in the "More Reviews Below" section.

4. How to create the content for this.

Any tips that can help me set this up will be very welcome =)

Answers (1)


Bob answers:

For author you should create wordpress users.
Each users will be related to post. If you will go to edit screen of post you will Author dropdown.
If author dropdown is not there then enable it from "Screen Options" (see top right corner)

You can use author bio plugin. You will find plugin which has author bio widget. You can place widget in sidebar.
[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

To show related posts you can use related posts plugin. You will find widget of that plugin also.

These are sample plugin you can search better premium plugins too.

FirstEntertainment comments:

Hi Bob

Thanks for the input. Thing is.. I would prefer to not create new this takes time and is not really needed, as 1 person will put up all these reviews anyway.. and in total for all countries I would have maybe 300 users/bloggers.

Also, I would prefer to not give my employees/freelancers the privileges to create users.

Some other way to do it?

I guess that I could consider spending some money into making a custom plugin for this.. how would the setup be there?

Thanks for the links to related posts.. do you know if there is one that lets you select manually and/or automatically?

And choose the order :)

Bob comments:

Somehow you have to create bio for each user/blogger. So it is almost same amount of task.

You will find plugin to create multiple user at a time.

So as a admin you will create all users in one shot. You employee will just assign the post to author/blogger/user.

The ideal method is allow user/blogger to register (you can change their role) and they will fill all necessary details for bio.

For related plugin I suggest to install them in local and see which best suits you. Most plugin relates posts based on category and tags. Yes few plugin will have manual settings too. There might be related from author option too, not sure about it.

FirstEntertainment comments:

Thanks again Bob. I still think I may make something custom.

I tried the manual related posts, it seems to work pretty well so far.. just gotta make the thumbnails work but that's another story.

One thing I have been thinking about, I would actually like to use a different template/design for these posts.

Is it possible to somehow set another template for these reviews?

Perhaps something based upon the Category.

Bob comments:

For category page you can create file.
You can see more details here [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

To modify single post/review based on category you can follow below approach.