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Responsive CSS Fixes WordPress


I've posted before and the bigger resolutions were solved for responsiveness, but the header area for 320 and 240 max-width are still a bit strange for [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]].

If you check the responsive testers, you'll see that in 240, the logo and menu gets cut off.

In both 320 and 240, the menu has too much padding between... like 30 pixels way too much.

In the larger browsers, the top big banner is suppose to stay and resize down.

Attached is the instructions with the screenshots so you can see what is going on. Thanks

Answers (2)


zebra webdesigns answers:

Hello Nile I have the login information and I am fixing it now

zebra webdesigns comments:

Hello Nile

The issue is fixed can you check and confirm.

Nile Flores comments:


zebra webdesigns comments:

I missed the top banner ad, now only saw it. few mins please

Nile Flores comments:

Is it possible to make sure the top ad holder is in 240 as well? That's the only thing I see that's not done... wow... so fast... ty again!

zebra webdesigns comments:

Hello Nile,

The issue is fully solved. the code could have been did better.
the improper use of hacks in css made the lengthy css.
This could be avoided. For now its fixed in the best way.

I am sending PM for few more hints.

Have a great day Nile

Nile Flores comments:

Thanks.. I PMed you for a small tweak to do. Thanks for the feedback. :)


Espreson Media answers:

Shall I solve this?

Nile Flores comments:

I'm not sure. I had to have someone fix your code last time. If I have to again, I won't award the full amount to you like I did in the previous question similar to this more than a week ago..